The Betdaq betting exchange has been around since the year 2000, and has grown to become one of the most used betting exchanges in existence. Fully licensed and regular by the UK Gambling Commission you will be in very safe hands should you decide to give them Betdaq try.

Unlike standard betting sites, at Betdaq you will be able to ask for any odds you like, and on virtually any sporting event in the world. Not only that you can back and lay any sporting event to either win or lose!

Betdaq Betting and Sportsbook

Betting Exchange – Offering you the ability to either back or lay, when you sign up and become a member of Betdaq you will be able to become for all intents and purposes a bookmaker yourself!

You choose what odds to offer or you can ask for any odds you like on any sporting event. This results is you getting the maximum value from your gambling budget every time you bet!

Bet Online or via an App – Always leading the way in which punters can have a wager, you are going to be able to secure the very best odds and place a wager instantly via either their web based betting platform or via their brand new betting App. It has never been so easy to place a wager, without ever having to leave your own home!

Casino Games Offered – Always a welcome distraction to their thousands of betting opportunities available at Betdaq is their online casino. You can play a massive suite of games instantly. All of the usual games are on offer including Blackjack, Roulette and more slot machines than you can shake a stick at!

These games have of course all be independently tested and verified as offering true and random events, and this guarantees, just like when you gamble on their betting exchange, you will always have a sporting chance of having a winning session! Should you so wish you can also play their many casino games completely free of charge via a free play log in.

Fast Settlements – Once the sporting event you have wagered on has ended, and the result has been declared, all wagers are settled and paid instantly into your Betdaq account, meaning you can then carry on wagering, or you can make a withdrawal.

Easy to use Interface – Whilst some betting sites can only offer a limited amount of wagering opportunities, thanks to the betting interface offered at Betdaq, you will be able to choose your wagers in seconds, and in a few clicks of your mouse your wagers will be placed and validated. You will not find a more upto date piece of software than that used at Betdaq.

Banking Options – When you make either a deposit or a withdrawal from your Betdaq account you are going to be able to deposit money into or get it sent back to you without delays. The sheer volume and turnover at the Betdaq site is enormous, and they have mastered the art of ensuring that you are never subject to any delays when it comes to any of their financial transactions.

So if you are seeking fast and hassle free payments, then these are always guaranteed at Betdaq. They also offer a full and comprehensive 24 hours a day customer support service, should you need any assistance what so ever. As such we are more than happy to showcase Betdaq to you.

Step by Step Guide – If you are new to the world of betting exchanges, then fear not as when you visit the Betdaq website you can opt to be shown a step by step guide which will show you, in full detail, how their betting exchange works and operates, and this will enable you to be placing your wagers quickly and like an old professional in no time.

They also offer a fully 24 hours a days customer support service, and as such if you cannot get your head around any part of their operation then give them a bell, and they will be only too happy to help and explain things to you.