Victor Chandler is often looked upon as the man who completely revolutionized the way people gamble on the UK. He is the man in charge of the Bet Victor betting empire, and not that long ago he moved his entire operation online and offshore which enabled customer to benefit from zero tax rate betting opportunities.

As the years and decades have ticked by, he is still there at the top of the industry and thanks to massive investment in all of his online operations you are going to be able to benefit from a state of the art betting site which a very easy to use interface.

Should you be looking for just one site to regularly have a bet at, then Bet Victor is the site which we would choose, this is one of the highest regarded betting companies around, and you are guaranteed the best of everything if you decide to gamble there, and that is a guarantee.

BetVictor Betting and Sportsbook

Well Known Gaming Company – There is no getting away from the fact that Victor Chandler has been at the forefront of betting since the industry was legalized many moons ago, and as such if you are considering have bet online then why not give his online betting site a try.

He offers the best odds and plenty of ongoing promotional offers, which have all been designed to ensure your money goes much further at his site than any other. Visit his website today and it will soon dawn on you why Bet Victor is such a popular betting site.

Complete Gambling Site – It is of course up to yourself what you have a bet on at Bet Victor, however, should you fancy trying your arm at poker or playing casino games, then you are in luck as they also have a fully operation poker room and also a state of the art online casino available.

These two additional gaming sites are accessed via the Bet Victor website and as such once you have opened a betting account then your log in details will give you instant access to both the poker and casino sites.

Customer Service – As Bet Victor accepts telephone bets as well as via his online betting site, then you will of course be able to contact his customer support team at any time of the day or night, they are always on hand and are always eager to help you get the answers to any questions you may have.

You can of course contact the team via e-mail or instant chat if you much prefer, however, many of the most frequently asked questions can be found in the online help files found with the Sportsbook. So sign up, log in and find the answers to absolutely anything related to his betting site.

Hassle Free Withdrawals – You will not get any nonsense when it comes to getting your winnings paid out to you at Bet Victor, the company has been around for years and as such they know that a happy punter is likely to return, and the best way to keep that punter happy is to pay him quickly when he wins!

You will find plenty of ways to get your winnings sent back to your whenever you make a withdrawal from Bet Victor, and for a full comprehensive list, checkout their websites banking page for more information.

Consolation Bets and Bonuses – When it comes to having a wager then as you will know anything can happen during the event or fixture which you have had a bet on. When you have a punt at Bet Victor you will also be able to take full advantage of his consolation bets and little bonuses which are offered frequently.

These consolation bets in particular add an extra level of excitement to your wagers, for even if you bet loses then often you could find you having your stakes returned to you should certain things happen during the in play action of your wagered on event.

Make sure that you checkout the Bet Victor website as soon as you possibly can for full details of all up and coming consolation betting opportunities.