Coral Football Jackpot – Win £1,000,000 From A £1 Stake (Football)

Coral’s amazing Football Jackpot gives you the chance to turn £1 into a £1m every single weekend. It’s been going for a few weeks now and the amazing Jackpot is yet to be scooped so there is still a guaranteed £1m up for grabs for the first sole winner as well as some hefty, life changing consolation prizes too.

It works a little bit like the football pools but here you just have to select the result of the match (which side will win or whether it will end as a draw). Each weekend 15 games will be selected and the first person to correctly predict all 15 will hit the Coral Football Jackpot, turning their £1 – not even enough to buy a lottery ticket – into a very cool £1m.

After the guaranteed £1m is finally won the prize will revert to a share of the total entry pool, with prizes set to be in the hundreds of thousands. But hey, for now the £1,000,000 (or more if the share of the pool is higher) remains up for grabs so let’s focus on that.

You can play online, on your mobile or even in a shop and you just need to get your selections in by 3pm each Saturday. You can perm your selections, meaning picking more than one outcome for any or all of the matches, increasing your stake but also your chances of winning.

If you don’t quite hit all 15 results then there are still great prizes available. Those that manage to correctly predict 14 or 13 results will have their agony eased as they will be eligible for a share of the consolation dividends, and with previous consolations being around the £70,000-£90,000 mark there could still be enough to make quitting the day job a viable option!

Give the Coral Football Jackpot a whirl today. Even if you don’t know anything about football you still have a chance – the first big win came from a lucky dip and paid £52,000!