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Some punters will always prefer placing their bets with a company that is a household name, with a decades old reputation. Oftentimes that’s because they’re stuck in their ways or tend to be people that like their routines. Unfortunately for them, they miss out on some brilliant experiences by not giving time to the new companies that have sprung up since the development of online gaming. Someone that will only bet a well known high street bookmaker, for example, will never experience what it’s like to use Titanbet’s website simply because they’re not a company that they will have heard of.

It’s each to their own, of course, and I’m never going to criticise someone for sticking to what they know. But I’m also here to tell you about all of the most interesting sites around and Titanbet definitely fit into that category. The bookmaker is owned and operated by PT Entertainment Services Limited, the same parent company that runs Winner. There are obviously some similarities between the two sites, therefore, though it’s worth pointing out that they’re run as completely independent enterprises. In terms of usability, the site is powered by Playtech, so you know you’re in safe hands in that sense.

Sports Betting at Titanbet

TitanBet screenshot

The Site

I have to say I was really surprised that I liked the Titanbet site. It’s essentially a mirror image of the Winner homepage and if you’ve read my review of that then you’ll know that I found it to be a bit too ‘busy’ with information. Strictly speaking the same should be true of the Titanbet site, yet because they’ve opted for a colour scheme of black, grey and green it somehow all looks a little bit cleaner and more clinical. That’s not to say that there still isn’t too much information on there for my liking as there very much is, but it just looks better. On the lefthand side of the site you’ll find favourite sports sitting above Quick Links and a list of all sports covered, for example, which is a lot of information in one place.

Move into the centre section of the sportsbook homepage and you’ll find any betting highlights sitting above In-Play options, upcoming horse races and anything else that Titanbet feel you may be interested in. Over on the righthand side, meanwhile, you’ll see your betting slip, more links to live events as well as the top five bets of the day and any promotions that the bookie is trying to flog at that given moment. In short, there’s an awful lot going on all at the same time. That said, I do like the fact that the live events in the middle of the page are split up into their various sports, separated by a tab. I also like that the site is fast to respond to my requests and loads up pages without any issue. The biggest downside is that the In-Play betting section is still using Flash.


The fact that Titanbet don’t yet offer Live Streaming might be a bit off putting to some of you, though I have to confess that it’s never been a deal breaker for me. The movement of the In-Play markets can tell you plenty about how a match is going and, if you really care, you could always watch a stream courtesy of another bookmaker’s site and just place your bets with Titanbet.

Speaking of the In-Play market, it’s pretty comprehensive. I’m not totally sure that the interface does it for me, but then I have a Mac and it doesn’t respond particularly well to Flash-based sites. You can Cash Out any bets that you’ve placed though, so that’s a good way of avoiding any particularly heavy losses.

What to Bet On

Titanbet’s coverage is solid if unspectacular. All of the usual sports – football, tennis, horse and greyhound racing – are covered well enough, but if you’re the sort of bettor that particularly enjoys going big on random sports then you’re likely to be left a little disappointed.

That’s not to say that their sports coverage is poor, mind. American football, baseball, golf, rugby, snooker and beach volleyball are just some examples of what you’ll be able to have a flutter on. You can also bet on more unusual offerings such as entertainment and political events and even e-sports.

Other Products

As with Winner, any disappointment you may be feeling when you explore how many sports they cover will be washed away when you explore the other products that they offer. There are two different variations of slot gaming, for example, with the more generic one complemented by a Macau-style version of the same theme.

Slots aren’t the only type of gaming that you can play in different versions, with a normal online casino matched by a live casino that features real dealers. Add in a fairly comprehensive virtual sports section, a poker site and the ability to play bingo and you can see that Titanbet are aiming to become something of a one-stop shop.

Banking & Limits

Debit card payments can be made into your account, as can the more modern e-wallet options presented by the likes of PayPal, NETeller, paysafecard and Boku. The minimum payment amount you’ll need to reach in order to pay money into your Titanbet account is £10 with most major methods, though that does vary with something like bank transfer.

My only real gripe with Titanbet, actually, is that they don’t tend to make it very clear what the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are for the different payment methods that they accept. You have to wing a little bit, which can be frustrating at times.

Who Are Titanbet?

PT Entertainment Services Limited might not be a household name, but the Antigua & Barbuda-based company has been around for quite a while now and has a UK Gambling Commission Licence for their Titanbet operations. Titanbet originally launched without the sportsbook back in 2009 under the name Titan Casino, launching their fixed odds betting operation five years later.