Free Bet Clubs

Free Bet ClubsBookmakers love new business, with yearly events such as Cheltenham and the Grand National a boon for them. What they love even more than new customers, however, is a punter that bets with them regularly. Even the most confident of bettors would admit that the house has an edge. The back and forth of placing a wager and seeing if it wins is part of the fun and entertainment for most people, after all. So if the house has got an edge then it makes sense for bookies to want you to bet as often as possible, knowing full well that they also risk losing a good whack of money if you’re successful more often than not.

This is why Free Bet Clubs are becoming more and more common, with companies knowing that customers will enjoy the risk-reward nature of the promotion. It is another example of bookies being inventive with their deals for existing customers, keeping people interested and ensuring that they don’t lose your custom to one of their competitors. It is, after all, a reward for continuing to place bets with them instead of anyone else. You might never have heard anything about a betting club, of course, so this page will hopefully make things a bit clearer for you.

Free Bets For Existing Customers - August 2021

What Exactly is a Free Bet Club?

In essence a betting club is something that rewards you for placing bets consistently. Now personally the only club I was a member of before getting involved with betting was the Liverpool Football Club Supporters Club, which didn’t reward me as much as I’d have hoped. That’s unlikely to be the case with a Free Bet Club, given that you’ll receive free bets by meeting certain criteria if you’re a member.

The best analogy I’ve seen regarding Free Bet Clubs is like a restaurant that gives you a stamp every time you go for a meal, with a free meal heading your way after you’ve claimed a given number of stamps. Obviously in this case you’ll get a free bet once you’ve placed a given number of bets, though each company does things slightly differently. Regardless of how a bookie does their offer, there are certain things that you’ll be wanting to look out for.

Things To Look Out For

The overriding principle of all Free Bet Clubs tends to be the same, with the major difference being the name given to the ‘club’ by the bookmaker. If you’re the sort of person that likes a random fact then you might be interested to know that Sky Bet was the first company to have this sort of offer, with other bookmakers soon following suit once they realised its potential. Anyway, here’s a look at some of the big things to keep an eye on:

Opting In

The key thing to remember with Free Bet Clubs is that you need to opt-in to be a part of them. This is mainly because plenty of people place bets on a regular basis and bookies don’t exactly want to give money away. By asking people to ‘join’ the club it allows companies to ensure that their loyalty is being correctly rewarded. The reasoning behind it doesn’t matter, of course, as long as you remember to opt-in if you want to make sure you get to take advantage of the free bet every week.

How To Claim

As long as you’ve gone through the opting-in process you don’t normally need to do anything to claim your free bet other than ensure you’ve met the betting requirements. This will usually entail having to bet a given amount of money every week within a certain timescale. Some bookies will ask you to bet a cumulative amount of £25, for example, and in exchange you’ll get a free bet of £5 or similar. Other bookmakers might ask you to place five £5 bets and your sixth bet will be a free one.

Do You Need To Claim Every Week?

The short answer here is ‘no’. Normally you can miss a week or two and it’ll make no different to the offer, with the Free Bet Club rules kicking back in once you place enough qualifying bets in the future. This isn’t always the case, so do double-check, but normally you’re ok to skip a week or so. The only time this isn’t the case is when the club has an additional offer, such as Sky Bet’s Bonus Builder, that increases with each passing week. With most ‘clubs’, if you skip more than two consecutive weeks then you’ll be opted-out of the club automatically.

Time Limits

The majority of Free Bet Clubs require you to place your qualifying bets before a given day of the week. What I mean by this is that your free bet will be added to your account on, say, a Friday as long as you’ve placed your qualifying bets before midnight on the Thursday of that week. It’s important to ensure you place all bets within the time limit or you might find yourself disappointed by missing out.

Minimum Odds

It’s perfectly normal for bookies to ask you to ensure that your qualifying bets meet minimum odds requirements. Typically this is normally Evens, though some might be more generous than that and other might be a bit less so. As you need to place £X worth of bets in order to get a free one, you’ll need to ensure that every single bet meets the minimum requirement set out in the terms and conditions.

Which Bets Qualify?

Most of the time any bet you want to place will qualify you as long as it’s over the minimum odds that they bookie has laid down. Tote bets don’t count with some bookies, which makes sense when you remember that these are pool bets so the bookmaker doesn’t get as much of a cut as with straight bets. It’s also rare for Cashed Out bets to qualify, with the company wanting to make sure that bets are seen out to the end to give them a decent chance of winning some. After all, you’re unlikely to want to Cash Out a bet that looks like a dead cert to win!

How Long Does The Free Bet Last For?

There is often a time limit imposed on the free bet after it has been credited to your account. Typically this will be just under a week, meaning that you’ll need to use it before the opportunity to get another free bet comes around.