888Sport: Acca Attack

First Posted: 30th October 2017 | Last Updated: 11th February 2021
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

There’s an argument that accumulators are the most fun bets that you can make. They take the excitement of an individual bet, the wondering whether your prediction will come true and you’ll win some money, and they times that excitement by however many legs your acca contains. Now it’s not about whether your one bet will come true, it’s about whether all five, six, seven or however many of them will!

Of course, the other thing about accumulators that make them so much fun to play is that the potential winnings of your bet go up with every leg that you add. It isn’t exactly easy to predict who will win a football match, say, but it’s not the trickiest thing ever. Yet how about if you also need to predict the outcome of a tennis match? What if you add in a rugby game? Who will win the major golf tournament being played that weekend? Can you correctly guess the outcome of all of those things together? If you can then you sure deserve to be handsomely rewarded, don’t you?

What Is an Acca Attack?

888Sport Acca Attack

888sport certainly think that their customers should be given a suitable financial reward for correctly predicting the outcome of numerous sporting events! That’s where the idea for their Acca Attack promotion came from, given that it adds an extra little boost to the winnings of punters who pull off that trickiest of bets: the multi-leg accumulator.

The real beauty of this offer as far as I’m concerned is that it isn’t about rewarding one type of bet. Yes, the bonus is only being rewarded for winning accumulators, but the amount of a boost that you’ll receive depends entirely on how many legs your acca contains. That means that customers can win a nice little bonus even if they’ve only got an acca with five legs, whilst punters who have placed an accumulator with 11 folds or more will be rewarded accordingly.

How Does the Bonus Break Down?

With that in mind, then, here’s a little look at just how much you can expect to receive by way of a Profit Boost Token according to how many many folds your accumulator contains:

Legs in Your Acca Percentage Towards Profit Boost Token
5 10%
6 15%
7 20%
8 25%
9 30%
10 40%
11 or more 50%

In other words, if you place an accumulator with thirteen legs and it wins then you’ll also receive a Profit Boost Token (PBT) worth 50% of the winnings on the bet that you use it on. That basically means that you’ll end up getting paid out at 1.5 times the amount you initially thought you’d be getting.

What Do You Need to Do?

It should go without saying when discussing an offer from a bookie, but you have a responsibility to hit certain targets if you’re hoping to be rewarded with a PBT. For starters, your accumulator has to contain at least five legs. The minimum odds for each of those legs is 1/2 (1.5) and the maximum amount of your bet that will count towards the offer is £5. You can bet more than £5, obviously, it’s just that it’s only the first £5 that will be used to calculated the amount of your PBT.

Your bet has to be placed ahead of time, so no In-Play wagers will count towards the offer. Equally, you can’t Cash Out your bet if you’d like it to be taken into consideration for the Acca Attack promotion. Do make sure that you place your bet with real money. If you opt to use a previously awarded PBT or other form of free bet token then it won’t count. You’ll only be able to get one Profit Boost Token a day, too.

How Does the Profit Boost Token Work?

Some accumulator bonuses work by simply adding profit to your bet. In that instance, an acca bet worth £50 in winnings that received a 50% boost would be paid out at £75. That’s not what 888sport have gone for here. Instead, they’re giving you a token that will boost the profit of a future bet, rather than the one you’re placing here. So, how does it work? What do you need to know about taking advantage of the Profit Boost Token you’ve been awarded?

To begin with, you’ll find that the PBT is usually added to your account the day after your qualifying bets have been settled. If it’s a particularly busy period then you might want to leave it for up to 72 hours before getting in touch with 888sport to find out where it is. The Profit Boost Token will last for seven days, so make sure you use it within that time. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re trying to apply it to a real money bet; PBTs can’t be applied to bets placed with a free bet token.

The maximum stake your can place on bets that you’re applying your Profit Boost Token to is £5. It’s also worth noting that the most you’ll be able to win in terms of additional winnings thanks to a PBT is £5,000. If you win the bet that you’ve applied a PBT to, you’ll find that the extra winnings are applied to your account in cash and at the same time you get you regular winnings.

When it comes to using your Profit Boost Token, it’s actually really easy to do. Once you’ve added your chosen bet to your bet slip, have a look under the space where you’ll enter your stake. You should see ‘Bonus offer’ in orange writing. Clicking on that will reveal the Profit Boost offer, which you can then click on to have it applied to your bet. Enter your stake, which will be a maximum of £5, and click ‘Place Bet’. Your profit boost will be applied if your bet is then a winner.

Is It Worth It?

Every now and again I like to briefly consider whether certain offers are ‘worth it’. More often than not the answer comes down to whether or not you were going to be placing the bets in the first place. In this case, however, I feel that the answer to this question depends on your personal take on how the profit boost might be used and how often you place wagers with long odds.

Given that the Profit Boost Tokens you’ll receive can only be used on wagers with a stake of £5, you’ll have to go for bets with particularly long odds if you’re hoping to see a really good return. That is especially true if your PBT is in the lower percentage bracket of the rewards offered. To put it another way, if you’re looking at a 10% profit boost on a bet that’s only worth winnings of about £10, it’s not exactly the most exciting deal ever.

In that instance, your return is so small that you might do better to place your original accumulator bet with a company that offers a profit boost on the acca itself. If, however, you like bets with really long odds and have a Profit Boost Token worth around 50%, then this deal might see you get an even higher return than an offer on the winnings of the original accumulator alone. In essence, it’s mostly about your propensity to opt for bets with a high-risk, high-reward.