888Sport: Weekend Booster

First Posted: 30th October 2017 | Last Updated: 5th August 2022
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Not everyone loves the weekend. Some people work in retail and for them the weekend represents their busiest period. Others drive for a living and simply hate the sight of weekend drivers, hitting the road to go somewhere but mainly just irritating those that are always driving. For most, though, the weekend represents the best part of the week, giving people an opportunity to let their hair down and go out or, far more excitingly, watch some live sport.

Live sport is on every day of the week, of course, but it remains the weekend when things really come to life in that arena. From hundreds of football matches taking place all across the country to tennis tournaments at your local club, the weekends are for sport. 888sport know that, which is why their latest promotion aims to reward their customers for getting involved with this mantra and placing some bets on football games over the weekend. As the offer’s tagline says, the week ends and play starts.

What Is the Weekend Booster About?

888Sport Weekend Booster

This offer is a nice and easy one to understand. 888sport will give you a Profit Boost Token for betting on live football over the weekend. For every five additional bets of £10 or more that you place on a live event, 888sport will add to the value of that Profit Boost Token (PBT). Place twenty bets, therefore, and you’ll earn yourself a PBT worth 100%.

As I’ve already mentioned, this offer is all about celebrating live sport over the weekend. For that reason, your bets must be placed In-Play and they have to be placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you place your bets on another day or they’re on a market other than In-Play then they won’t count towards this offer. They’ll still be counted as a proper bet, of course, but you won’t be rewarded with a PBT for placing them.

How Is the Profit Boost Token Calculated?

Some bookies like to make their offers quite complicated, but 888sport haven’t done that. It’s nice and easy to figure out how the percentage of Profit Boost you’ll be rewarded with is calculated. It increases every time you place five bets on live football:

Amount of Bets Percentage Towards Profit Boost Token
Five Live Bets: 25%
Ten Live Bets: 50%
Fifteen Live Bets: 75%
Twenty Live Bets 100%

To put that another way, if you place twenty In-Play football bets over the course of a weekend then you’ll receive a Profit Boost Token with a value of 100%. It’s vital that you bet in chunks of five bets, as a random figure, like seventeen bets for example, will only count as you having placed fifteen bets and as a consequence your PBT will only be worth 75%.

What Are the Important Points?

There are some important things you’ll need to bear in mind when it comes to taking advantage of this offer. To begin with, you need to make sure that those live bets are placed with real money. Any previously awarded free bet tokens or Profit Boost Tokens that you use for your bets won’t count towards the offer. Each of the bets you place needs to have a minimum stake of £10, too.

When it comes to minimum odds, 888Sport ask you to ensure that your qualifying bets have odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater. This offer is only available on Singles, so multiple bets won’t count. As long as you’ve met all of those requirements then your PBT will be added to your account within 72 hours of the qualifying bets being settled. You’ll be able to use the token within three days, but make sure you do! After those three days the token will expire.

How Do Profit Boost Tokens Work?

The clue here is in the name. Each token that you’re awarded can be used on a future bet, with the winnings of that bet being ‘boosted’ by the percentage indicated. For example, if you have placed a £5 bet on something with odds of 10/1 then you’d receive winnings of £50. If you’ve applied a Profit Boost Token with a value of 50%, however, then your net win would shoot up to £75, or £50 plus half of £50.

You can earn four Profit Boost Tokens throughout the promotional period by placing the requisite amount of qualifying bets. Whether you’re looking at the original qualifying bets or the bets placed using your PBTs, you cannot use the Cash Out function at any time during this promotion. You also need to make sure that your bet is in cash when you’re looking for the Profit Boost Token to kick in and that you don’t make your original deposit into your account with NETeller or Skrill.

There are just a few more things worth bearing in mind when it comes to this offer, including the fact that your bets that you use your PBTs on have to have a maximum stake of £5. It’s also important to know that the maximum added amount you can win with this promotion is £5000. Finally, neither permutations nor Each-Way bets can be used with your Profit Boost Token. If you win, though, then you’ll find the additional winnings in your account immediately.

Is This a Decent Promotion?

The extent to which you think this offer is worth thinking about taking advantage of will really depend on how much and how often you tend to bet. If you’re someone that only likes to place a couple of small bets every now and again then having to place twenty bets with a minimum stake of £10 each over the course of three days is unlikely to appeal.

On the other hand, if you love betting on live football and tend to go quite big over the weekend then this offer will be right up your street. You’ll be placing the bets anyway, so the idea of getting an additional reward for bets that you will also be placing in the future is bound to appeal. Obviously, you need to win the second set of bets that you place with your PBT applied in order to get a net win from them, but when it comes to the first bets you don’t need to worry if they’re losers as it’s merely the placing of them that will earn you the tokens.