BetBright: Acca + 1

First Posted: 1st November 2017 | Last Updated: 5th August 2022
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

A straight bet on the result of a football match is perfectly interesting in its own right. Who will win? Will the advantage of playing at home pay off? Will the away team cause something of an upset? Will both teams cancel each other out and walk away from the game with honours even? These are the sorts of questions we need to figure out when we’re trying to decide upon what to bet on. Doing it once is a challenge, of course, but what about when you do it five, six or seven times? That’s why accumulators pay out so much, because they’re so difficult to get right.

Even so, we’d all like to be given a little bit more from our accumulator, wouldn’t we? We’re taking on a genuinely difficult bet by trying to correctly predict the outcome of multiple events, so wouldn’t it be nice if a bookie rewarded our attempt with something extra? Some do this by offering a bonus percentage of our winnings on top of the amount we’d normally win. BetBright, however, have decided to come at things from a different angle. Instead of just giving us more money, they’ve decided to run a promotion that gives you an extra leg on your acca.

How Does It Work?

BetBright In Play CashbackBetBright customers that have placed an accumulator with five legs or more on football matches will be rewarded with a free bet. In order to get the offer, the cumulative odds of the legs in your acca before the bonus free leg is added must amount to at least 6/1 (7.0).

The bets you place can be pre-match or In-Play, plus they can be on any football market within the BetBright sportsbook. In fact, the only major condition when it comes to what you can bet on is that it needs to be football rather than any other sport.

How Does the Free Leg Work?

Once you’ve added the qualifying bets to your acca, you’ll find that a selection of free legs become available for you to choose from. Once you’ve selected your bonus leg it will be added to your betting slip. Regardless of what happens to the bonus leg, you’ll get your original accumulator paid out as normal if it’s a winner. If the bonus leg is also a winner then it will be paid out in cash.

If you have enough void selections on your slip to mean that it falls below the five-leg minimum then you’ll discover that the free bet won’t count and the rest of your bet will be paid out as a standard football wager. You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve selected a straight accumulator, avoiding the temptation to play a permutation bet.

How Much Can You Win?

BetBright Acca +1

Irrespective of how much your straight accumulator is worth, the most that can be paid out in terms of a bonus on any individual free bet is £50. That is extended to £100 over the course of a 24-hour period.

One thing that’s worth noting is that you can’t place the same acca several times and be rewarded with the free leg each time. If you try to do this then you’ll only get paid any bonus funds on the first bet, not any subsequent ones. You cant use this offer in conjunction with any others, which includes placing your accumulator bet with any previously awarded free bets tokens.

Is It a Good Offer?

If you like placing accumulators then there’s nothing much wrong with this offer from BetBright. If your bonus free leg comes in then you’ve earned money without having to do anything. If it does but the rest of your acca does then you’re paid out as normal; it’s a genuine win-win scenario.

It also brings the bookmaker’s margin into your favour a little bit. The reason you’ll often read stories about punters winning hundreds of thousands of pounds on an accumulator bet with a small stake is that it virtually never happens. In spite of that, bettors love those stories and it encourages them to place accumulator bets, which is exactly what the bookies out there want.

Every time you add a leg to your accumulator bet you’re stretching the bookmaker’s margin wider and wider. There’s less chance of you winning an acca with loads of legs, so the bookies love them. By giving you a leg for free, BetBright are bringing their edge down a little bit, which can only be seen as a good thing. It’s something to think about, anyway!