Betfred: Lucky 15/31/63 Bonuses – One Winner & All Correct

First Posted: 20th October 2017 | Last Updated: 15th February 2021
Offer details correct at time of writing but may have changed since - always check the terms yourself before claiming. T&Cs apply, 18+. Please For help visit

Betting is, by its very nature, a tricky thing to do. If it wasn’t, then bookmakers would be out of business and we’d all be millionaires. Yet they’re not and we’re not, so the facts are there to suggest that it’s not an easy thing to do. We know that before we ever place a wager and accept that we’ll be in a good place if we can win slightly more than we lose. Nevertheless, it would be nice if we could just get a little more from bookies when we pull off a really tricky bet. It would be unrealistic to ask for double winnings or anything like that, but just a touch extra would be a help.

It was confirmed in 2011 that Betfred had won the tender for the Tote from the British government (Update: it has since changed hands). Ever since then the company has done its utmost to ensure that its horse racing coverage is up there with the best in the business. Part of that includes coming up with offers and promotions that racing lovers will respond favourably to and these two bonus features do just that. They also do what I talked about in the intro: give a little bit back to punters that pull of tricky bets.

What Do the Offers Entail?

The two offers work slightly differently from each other, so here’s what each one is about:

All Correct Bonuses

Betfred's All Correct Bonuses

Lucky bets, Yankees, Canadians and Heinz bets are all complex multiples that involve numerous bets in mixes of singles, doubles and more. Betfred’s offer rewards winners of those types of bets by adding a bonus to selections that feature nothing but winners. In other words, win a tricky multiple and get an extra reward for doing so.

I talked about horse racing in the intro largely because of Betfred’s attempts to improve their coverage of the sport since winning the right to the Tote back in 2011. The beauty of this offer is that it applies to more than just real life horse racing. You can take advantage of the All Correct Bonuses offer if you bet on horse or greyhound racing, plus the virtual versions of those two sports.

One Winner Bonuses

Betfred's One Winner Bonuses

Once again, this offer applies to both real life and virtual versions of horse and greyhound racing, with the major difference being that the bonuses are applied to complex multiples that only have one winner. That is to say, if you have a good go at winning but virtually everything goes wrong then all is not lost; you’ll still receive a little treat for your troubles.

This offer also rewards bravery, even if it was foolish when viewed with hindsight. It does that by giving you an additional payout when your bet is more complicated. I’ll explain this in more detail shortly but, as the old saying goes, fortune favours the brave.

How Do the Bonuses Break Down?

The manner of the bonus on each offer is, understandably, different. I’ll look at each in turn here:

All Correct Bonuses

You’ll no doubt have noticed that a minute ago I wasn’t specific in the bonus amount that would be added to your winning multiples. That’s because the size of the multiple alters how much of a bonus you’ll be paid out. Here’s what you need to know on that front:

Type of Multiple Bet Bonus Amount Applied
Lucky 15 / Yankee bet 10%
Lucky 31 / Canadian bet 20%
Lucky 63 / Heinz bets 25%

Provided that all of your selections within your multiple bet are winners, that’s the bonus amount that will be added to your winnings. One thing to not is that the bonus amount is only paid on winnings, which is to say you won’t get any bonus on your original stake.

One Winner Bonuses

It would be difficult to pay a percentage of the bet when there’s only one winner. That’s why the One Winner Bonus offer abandons that notion altogether and, instead, pays out a multiplication of the odds for the one winning bet within your multiple. Here’s how that works:

Type of Multiple Bet Bonus Amount Applied
Lucky 15 3 x the odds for the one winner
Lucky 31 4 x the odds for the one winner
Lucky 63 5 x the odds for the one winner

In other words, if you make a Lucky 63 bet and only one of your selections ends up as a winner then you’ll find you’re paid out at five times the odds you were originally given. Say for simplicities sake that your initial selection was given odds of 5/1, you’d be paid out at 25/1 if that was the only selection that came home for you.

Anything Else You Need to Know?

As is so often the case with these sorts of promotions, there are a few additional things you’ll want to know about ahead of time. More than anything else, I’m telling you this is to stop you being confused about why you haven’t received your bonus because you did something you didn’t realise was an issue. It’s happened to me more than once! In this instance, the Ts & Cs are the same for both offers.

One of the key things is that all of your selections must run in order for you to receive the bonus amounts. If you make a huge selection, for example, and even one of your horses is either withdraw or doesn’t run for some other reason then you’ll unfortunately not be eligible for either offer. You’ll still be paid out as normal if the rest of your horses win, of course, but you won’t get the bonus amount.

The other thing that’s worth a mention is the fact that you will not be able to take advantage of these offers if you place your multiple bet using a previously awarded free bet token. Betfred do numerous offers and promotions and if you’ve read any of the other pages on this site then you’ll know I think you should be taking advantage of them.

If you’re hoping for an extra 10, 20 or 25% bonus on your winnings on a complex multiple when they’re all victorious, however, then you shouldn’t place the wager with a free bet. Equally, you won’t get your 3, 4 or 5 times the odds bonus if a free bet token was used to place the bet in the first place.