Betfred: Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven

First Posted: 20th October 2017 | Last Updated: 15th February 2021
Offer details correct at time of writing but may have changed since - always check the terms yourself before claiming. T&Cs apply, 18+. Please For help visit

Considering how tricky betting is, it’s amazing that we win as often as we do. When you think about something like football, with all of the moving parts that it entails as a sport, even a wager as seemingly simplistic as a First Goalscorer bet could go wrong in any number of ways. You could bet on a striker in the form of their life, who’s scored in each of their previous ten games, yet the first goal could come about from a long boot forward by the goalkeeper and a gust of wind taking it straight into the back of the net. It’s happened before!

You might feel some sense of relief, therefore, when your First Goalscorer bet comes in, but what happens if that player goes on to score two or, even worse, a hat-trick? One the one half you’re delighted that you made the correct call, yet on the other you’re annoyed that you didn’t have more faith in your prediction of said player’s goalscoring ability. Shouldn’t you be paid more if they score more than once, just for being able to identify that they’d score at all? That’s where Betfred’s Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven offer comes into its own.

What’s the Offer About?

Betfred's Double Delight and Hat Trick Heaven

In its most simplistic terms, Betfred’s Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven does exactly what I said would be nice in my intro. If your First Goalscorer bet is a winning one and that player then goes on to score twice or three times, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

In fact, it’s not just that you’ll be given a little bonus if that happens, but that you’ll receive a financial reward in line with what the player has achieved. In other words, if your selected player scores the first goal then you’ll be paid out at the odds you were offered. If they score two goals then your odds will be doubled, whilst if they put the ball into the back of the net three times within the same ninety minutes you’ll be paid out at three times the original odds.

What Are the Terms of the Offer?

Bookmakers love making offers that they think will win them customers, but they also do their best to ensure they’re not just giving away money. As a consequence there are always some terms and conditions that you need to look out for and their Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven offer is no exception. Here I’ll tell you about the crucial things you need to know ahead of placing a bet on this Betfred-specific promotion.

Are All Matches Covered?

The offer isn’t available on every single match of football ever played. Instead, it’s on specific matches that fall within the market outlined by Betfred. They make clear on their website which matches are covered, but a good rule of thumb is that if it’s not being shown live by one of the major UK broadcasters then it’s probably not going to be covered. Here are some of the matches that the promotion has applied to in the past:

Match Date Played Broadcaster
West Ham v Brighton 20th October 2017 Sky Sports
Hibernian v Celtic 21st October BT Sport
Southampton v West Brom 21st October BT Sport
Everton v Arsenal 22nd October Sky Sports
Rangers v Motherwell 22nd October BT Sport

How Does the Money Work?

First Goalscorer Bet Betfred

As far as I’m concerned, the very best thing about this offer is that it’s paid out in real cash. There’s nothing wrong with free bet tokens, of course, but offers that just pay actual money straight into my account will always win my heart. You’ll get it credited within 24 hours of the bet being settled, though more often than not you’ll find it in your account at about the same time you’d expect to be paid out for a standard bet.

Speaking of free bet tokens, if you have won any from a previous offer then unfortunately your bet won’t be valid for this promotion if you use them when you originally place it. In other words, you have to place your wager on the Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven market using the same real money that you’ll be rewarded with if it comes in. There’s also a maximum return of £6,000 cash per match and per customer.

Anything Else Worth Knowing About?

There are just a couple of other things that it’s handy to know about ahead of time, starting with the fact that own goals don’t count. Your selection could score a stunning free-kick and then put the ball in the back of his own net twice, but you’ll still only get paid out at your original odds. Equally, this offer is only for 90 minutes football, so a second or third goal scored in Extra-Time won’t mean anything.

You need to place your bet before kick-off, so In-Play bets won’t qualify for this promotion. It also needs to be a Single bet, so don’t think you’ll be getting paid out if you happen to have a multiple that features a player who scores several times.

Is It Worth It?

The reality is that you lose nothing if a player only scores the first goal in the match and goes on to do nothing else. In fact, your chosen person could literally get sent off the moment the ball crosses the line and you’ll still be paid out at the original odds that you were offered when you went to Betfred and looked up the Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven market.

Having said that, if they go on to score again or even bang in a hat-trick then you very much stand to gain from this offer. It’s the definition of a win-win bet in my opinion, with one goal, as long as it’s the first, seeing you win the money you thought you would, whilst any additional goals will see you take home additional cash.

There are only two main reasons that I would suggest might make you want to think twice before taking Betfred up on this offer. The first is if you find that the odds are significantly better elsewhere for the player that you want to bet on. After all, what’s the point in betting on a player Betfred are offering 2/1 odds on as FGS if another bookmaker is offering 8/1? Even if they score a hat-trick you’ll still be better off using the other bookie.

Nowadays, given the incredibly competitive nature of the market, that’s almost certainly not going to happen, with the majority of bookmakers following each other’s odds quite closely. The second thing is if you’re a high-roller. With a £6,000 maximum payout, you might want to decide if it’s worth it if the odds are long enough and your bet is big enough to mean that payout becomes a problem. Other than those two things, I think this is a no-brainer.