Betfred: Rugby Double Delight / Hat-Trick Heaven

First Posted: 20th October 2017 | Last Updated: 11th February 2021
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Tries are a wonderful thing to witness; ranging in type from glorious, free-flowing rugby through to scrappy ones when you’re not even sure the ball’s touched the floor. Whether you’re a Rugby League or a Rugby Union fan, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your team rack some points up at the opposition’s expense. That’s why so many of us regularly plump for First Try Scorer bets when we’re wondering what to have a flutter on ahead of a big rugby game.

There are any number of different players who can get the ball across the line and on the ground in a rugby game, which is what makes it so pleasing when you correctly predict the scorer of that deadlock breaking try. But when that same player goes on to score again, isn’t it just a little bit frustrating? Don’t you wish you’d placed another bet on said player scoring more than once? Well, thanks to Betfred, you don’t need to.

How Does the Offer Work?

Betfred Double Delight Hat Trick Heaven Rugby

As you’ve probably guessed from both the tittle of this page and my intro, the offer sees bettors who place a wager on a player that scores the first try of a match and then goes on to score again get paid a bonus amount for the follow-up tries. If you’ve ever taken advantage of Betfred’s Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven offer on the football then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now Rugby League and Rugby Union are from the same family, but supporters would be quick to point out that they’re very different sports in many way. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the two offers are slightly different in certain aspects, depending on which of the two disciplines you’re betting on. I’ll point out the differences when relevant, so if I don’t say anything then you’re free to assume that the offer is applicable for either sport.

It occurs to me I haven’t yet spelt out what the promotion entails, so I’ll spell it out. If the Double Delight offer is applicable then your First Try Scorer odds will be doubled when you get paid out if the player you bet on scores a second try. If it’s the Hat-Trick Heaven side of the offer that’s kicked in then you’ll be paid treble odds if they go on to score a third try.

What Do You Need to Know?

Whether you’re betting on Rugby Union or Rugby League, there are certain terms & conditions that you’ll need to keep half an eye on to make sure you get paid the money you’re expecting when your selected player does the job and scores more than once.

Can You Get This on Any Match?

Betfred Double Delight Hat Trick Heaven Rugby

Betfred have decided to make this a little bit confusing, for reasons known only to themselves. If you’re a Rugby League fan then you’re in luck; the Double Delight offer is available on all Betfred Super League matches. If your player scores a hat-trick in those matches then you’re out of luck.

The Hat-Trick Heaven aspect of this offer is only available on Super League matches that are being televised by Sky Sports. For Rugby Union matches, meanwhile, there’s no offer for hat-tricks, but the Double Delight part of it is valid on selected games. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll probably be able to get the offer if the match is being televised.

Here’s a list of Rugby Union matches that were covered by the Double Delight offer on one weekend in the 2017 season, as well as the television company that covered said match:

Match Date Played Broadcaster
Scarlet v Bath 20th October 2017 BT Sport
Glasgow v Leinster 21st October Sky Sports
Clermont v Northampton 21st October BT Sport
Leicester v Castres 21st October Sky Sports
Munster v Racing 92 21st October Sky Sports
Saracens v Ospreys 21st October BT Sport
Montpellier v Exeter 22nd October Sky Sports
La Rochelle v Ulster 22nd October Sky Sports
Wasps v Harlequins 22nd October BT Sport

What Are the Smaller Details?

Obviously I’ve filled you in on the major points of the offer, such as the games it applies to and what you need to happen in order to win money, but every offer has an amount of finer detail that might change whether your bet is valid or not. Again, unless I specify otherwise then you can safely presume that these finer rules apply to either sport.

The offer is on Single bets placed on First Try Scorer markets. The bet has to be placed before the match gets underway, so In-Play bets aren’t valid. You’ll also need your player to score those extra tries within the standard eighty minutes of the match; anything scored in Extra-Time or the like won’t count towards the offer.

Rugby Union fans who are fortunate enough to place a First Try Scorer on a player who goes on to score a second try will get their additional winnings credited to their account within 24 hours. If you’ve bet on a Super League match and they’ve scored a second or third try then your winnings will be credited within 48 hours of the bet being settled.

If you’re betting on a Betfred Super League match that’s being televised on Sky Sports and is therefore valid for both the Double Delight and the Hat-Trick Heaven match then you’ll have a maximum stake restriction of £100. If it’s just a regular Super League game and only the Double Delight part of the offer is applicable then your maximum stake will be £200.

Whether you’re betting on Rugby Union or Rugby League, the beauty of the offer is that you’ll be paid out in cash. Some offers pay you in free bet tokens, but this isn’t one of them. Having said that, if you’ve won a previous bet that’s seen you be awarded some free bet tokens, you can’t use them with this offer if you want to be paid out on it.

Should You Take Up the Offer?

There are any number of reasons why you might decide not to take a bookmaker up on their offer. As far as this one is concerned, though, I can’t think of any particularly obvious ones. Perhaps if you’re something of a high-roller you might be put off by the maximum stake restrictions on Super League matches.

You might also want to check out the odds provided by other bookies. After all, there’s no point in placing a bet with Betfred if they offer 3/1 for a First Try Scorer but a competitor is giving odds of 10/1. That’s highly unlikely, however, considering the fact that most bookmakers’s odds move with the market.