Betsafe: £10 Mobile Safe Bet

First Posted: 31st October 2017 | Last Updated: 5th August 2022
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Technology is now moving at an unbelievable rate. In years gone by, the idea of being able to make a call when you were out and about depended on you being able to find a telephone box. Now we all carry around smartphones that have better technology inside of them than was used to send man to the moon. What a waste that we predominantly use them to take selfies and send each other emojis shaped like a poo.

Most of us have got used to using mobile phones on a regular basis now, turning to our device for things as simple as making a phone call and as complicated as doing mobile banking. There are still a fair few people who haven’t adjusted to the fact that you can place bets when you’re on the move, however. It’s taken long enough for certain people to move out of the betting shop and onto their desktop computer, so shifting to a mobile device is a step too far. That might be why Betsafe have introduced their latest offer, which I’ll tell you about here.

What Is a Safe Bet?

BetSafe £10 Mobile Safe Bet

Let’s start with the basics: what is a Safe Bet? It might sound slightly unusual, but in actual fact it’s just Betsafe’s own term for something that plenty of bookmakers offer. Some of them call it a free bet, so that will give you some idea of what it is.

Instead of giving you a free bet token, Betsafe are offering customers a Safe Bet, which means that you place your bet using real money and if it wins then everyone’s happy; you get your winnings and your Safe Bet disappears. If your wager loses, however, you’ll get your stake refunded back into your account as cash. It’s slightly different from a free bet token because you stake your own money to begin with, but you do so knowing that if your bet loses your money isn’t lost.

How Do You Qualify for This Offer?

As much as we’d all like them to, bookmakers rarely just give away free money. If you’d like to get your £10 Safe Bet, therefore, there are some things you need to do first. For starters, you’ll need to place six bets of £10 or more on selections with odds of 1/2 (1.50) or higher. You can place those bets on a mobile device or a desktop computer, but you need to do it during the working week.

For the avoidance of doubt, the working week counts as any time after midnight Monday (so Sunday night into Monday, 00:01) and before midnight on the Friday (23:59). The bets must be settled before midnight on Friday of the same week and they can be placed on any sport including e-sports, but excluding horse racing. Meet these requirements and you’ll be rewarded with a £10 Safe Bet to use on your mobile device.

How Do You Use the Safe Bet?

I’ve already told you what a Safe Bet is and how it works, but there are some other things you need to know. An important place to start is with what you’re allowed to use your Safe Bet on and, much like with the qualifying bets, you can bet on any sport you’d like apart from horse racing. Another key word with this offer is ‘weekend’, given that the bet needs to be used between 00:01 on Saturday and 23:59 on the Sunday of the week you placed your qualifying bets.

You can’t use your Safe Bet on wagers that see the stake returned to you, with the obvious example being the ‘draw’ in a ‘draw no bet’ market. If your Safe Bet is a loser then you will get your stake refunded to you as cash, which you can withdraw immediately should you wish to. If it is a winner, however, you’ll have to roll it over once before you’ll be able to withdraw it. That works as follows:

  • You place a Safe Bet of £10 on football on your mobile with odds of 2/1
  • The bet wins so your stake is paid to you in cash without wagering requirements
  • The net winnings are paid to you, but must be rolled over once
  • Bets placed using net winnings must have odds of 1/2 (1.50) or higher
  • Bets can be placed on any sportsbook market on either a single or combi bet

Is This a Good Offer?

This is the perfect offer for anyone who hasn’t yet dabbled in mobile betting but would quite like to give it a go. It’s perfect for many reasons, but the main one is that you don’t have to place your qualifying bets on a mobile. That means you can place your six £10 or higher bets on a desktop computer as normal, with the only bet you have to place on a mobile device being the one that you’ll get refunded if it’s a loser.

I think the two key things here are the fact that you have to place your six £10 bets during the week and that you need to use the Safe Bet over the weekend. If you don’t tend to bet much during the week then this might take a bit of an adjustment, but it’s not a huge amount of money to wager. The other thing to remember is that this is a weekly offer, so as long as you keep meeting the requirements then you’ll keep getting a £10 Safe Bet. That means it’s the perfect chance for you to find out if mobile betting, betting in the week and betting over a weekend are all for you.