Betway: Betway Plus Loyalty Scheme

First Posted: 6th October 2017 | Last Updated: 5th August 2022
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I always think that loyalty is an under-appreciated quality. Sometimes we take it for granted, from a lover or a business partner, say. There’s no real obligation to be loyal in life, yet we do it anyway and expect others to return the favour. We get irrational upset if a player declares that he wants to leave our football club, even though we have no problem in declaring that other players who aren’t good enough should be sold without compunction. Fans will still support a club even if it’s relegated down to the bottom division, such is the loyalty they display.

But what of bookmakers? Where is their need to display loyalty? As bettors we’re presented with countless different companies willing to take our money, so why would we stick with one over another? Obviously the odds that they offer is a big part of the draw, which is why so many of them concentrate on making sure that their odds are competitive or that they have decent enhanced odds that you can take advantage of. But when they all do that, or have promotions such as Best Odds Guaranteed, what separates them from the each other? That’s where Betway’s Betway Plus scheme comes in handy…

What Is Betway Plus?

Betway Plus loyalty schemeThe Betway Plus scheme is Betway’s way of rewarding their customers for their loyalty in continuing to place bets with them rather than one of their competitors. The great thing about the scheme is that you’re already a member and don’t need to do anything special to take advantage of it. As long as you’ve got a Betway account then you’re in the scheme and you’ll be earning points without even knowing it.

How Does It Work?

Every time you do pretty much anything when you’re logged into your Betway account you earn what are called Tier Tokens and Plus Points. The two things do different things, with Tier Tokens determining your Loyalty Level and Plus Points being things that you can collect in order to earn prizes. The higher your Loyalty Level, the better the prizes and benefits available to you. You’ll earn your Tier Tokens on bets you place through Betway Casino, Vegas, Bingo and the Sportsbook.

Tier Tokens Explained

Any time you play a game or wager some money through your Betway account you’ll be earning some Tier Tokens. For every £10 you bet with you can earn yourself up to five Tier Tokens. The more tokens you earn in a calendar month, the higher up the Loyalty Levels you’ll climb. It’s worth climbing up higher because you’ll be rewarded the higher you get.

Plus Points Explained

Plus Points are essentially Betway’s internal currency, like Disney Dollars or Monopoly Money; a currency that can’t be swapped for real life cash but which hold value within its own world. Every time you place a bet or do something similar when logged into your Betway account you earn yourself Plus Points and these can be redeemed for various products.

How high up the Loyalty Levels you are and which games you’re playing will determine how many Plus Points you earn for each transaction you complete. You get to start spending your Plus Points once you’ve earned 5000 of them.

Bonus Plus Points Explained

The higher through the Loyalty Levels you climb, the more Bonus Plus Points you’ll be able to claim. These are, as the name suggests, a bonus applied to the points that you earn. They work out as follows, depending on where in the scheme you find yourself:

Your Tier Bonus Amount Applied To Plus Points
Blue 0%
Bronze 10%
Silver 25%
Gold 25%
Platinum 75%
Black 80%

What to Do With Your Plus Points

Here are some of the things you can use your Plus Points for:

  • Bonuses
  • Credits
  • Free Bets

All you need to do is click on the ‘Plus Points’ icon and then choose the amount of your points that you’d like to spend and what you’d like to spend them on. It’s also worth noting that climbing to the highest tier will see you get personalised offers and invites to hospitality events. In short, the more Points you earn the better the prizes you’ll have available to you.

The one thing I’ll point out to you is that there is a time limit on both the Plus Points and the Tier Tokens, though it’s different for each. Your Tier Tokens will reset at the end of each calendar month, whilst your Plus Points last for three months before being reset. Just make sure you use them before they go!