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First Posted: 17th October 2017 | Last Updated: 12th February 2021
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Loyalty is a much appreciated commodity in certain quarters. We trust our partners to be loyal to us if they’re away on a business trip or out with the lads. We trust our friends to be loyal to us and not slag us off when we’re out of the room. Dogs are man’s best friend because of their unswerving loyalty in all situations. But isn’t loyalty a two-way street? We trust our partners to be loyal so they remain loyal to us in return, just as friends and dogs do the same. When it comes to company-customer interaction, loyalty can be mutually beneficial to both, which is something that ComeOn have realised with their latest promotion.

The idea behind the promotion is that customers are rewarded for their loyalty with a series of free bets, depending on how often they place bets of their own. If you’ve read any of the other pages on this site then you’ll know the sort of thing I’m talking about, given that it’s not exactly an original idea. It is a good one, though, and you’re essentially being rewarded for doing something that you were going to to do anyway: place a bet. ComeOn’s Free Bet Club isn’t an entirely philanthropic exercise, of course. They know that it’s a competitive industry and anything that they can do to persuade customers to stick with them will work out in their benefit in the long-run.

How Does the Free Bet Club Work?

ComeOn Free Bet Club

Most major bookmakers have some form of loyalty bonus for their customers, hoping that it will keep their business and stop them from going over to a competitor. They’re all different though, as you’d expect, so what do you need to know about the ins and outs of ComeOn’s Free Bet Club? For starters, the more ‘loyal’ you are the more you’re rewarded for said loyalty. Obviously by ‘loyal’ what I mean is that the more money you spend the more the larger the free bet that you’ll see coming your way as a thank you.

It’s a clever way of working, actually. All customers, regardless of how regularly they bet, start the week on Level 1. The aim is to climb to level three, which you do by betting more money. The higher your level, the larger the free bet that you get. Every Monday you return to Level 1 and you have until Thursday to place the bets necessary to climb up to Level 3. Here’s a look at how much you need to bet for what level and the free bet you get for that level:

Level Amount of Money to Spend Free Bet If You Do
1 £50+ £5
2 £100+ £10
3 £250+ £25

What Counts as a Qualifying Bet?

There are very specific bets that count towards this offer, so don’t assume that just because you stick a tenner on Liverpool to win you’ll be racking up money towards the £50 target to get your £5 free bet. Instead you’ll need to be making sure that every bet you place is a multiple bet for starters. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the odds, with 2/1 (3.0) being the minimum for your combo bet.

There’s also the small matter of timing. The bet needs to be settled as either a winner or a loser before it will be counted towards your qualification to any given level. That means that you need to ensure you not only place the bet but know the outcome of all legs of it before the midnight deadline on the Thursday of each week.

Any Crucial Information?

ComeOn Free Bet Club

Without doubt, the most important thing that you need to know ahead of time is that you need to Opt-In to take advantage of this offer. You only need to Opt-In once and then you’ll qualify for the promotion every single week that you place a sufficient amount of bets, but if you don’t Opt-In in the first place then the bets that you place will be valid but won’t count towards this particular offer.

Bets won’t be qualified retroactively either, by the way. That means that if you place two £10 multiple bets on Monday but don’t Opt-In to the offer for the first time until Tuesday then you’ll be starting as if you have placed zero bets that week. My tip would be to Opt-In right now, before you go any further. If it’s at the start of the week then you’re golden, but if not you’ll be sorted for next week if you don’t manage to place the required amount of bets before Thursday.

Once you’ve Opted-In and bet enough money on multiples to qualify for the free bet, you’ll find it added to your account by 6pm on the Friday of that week at the latest. The beauty is that the free bet token will not have any rollover requirements attached to it, meaning that you’re free to think of it in the same way as real cash in your account. The only difference is that the free bet must be used by the following Sunday or it will expire, and that you won’t get your stake back with any free bet winnings.

Should You Join the Club?

Obviously this offer isn’t for everyone. You might not bet more than £50 in a week, for example, or you may never place multiple bets. Only you will know how relevant that is to your own betting life. What I would say is that it costs nothing to Opt-In. You might not bet as much as £50 at the moment, nor might you think of yourself as someone that tends to place combination bets. Nevertheless, you may well do both at some point in the future and it would be a shame not to be part of the club. After all, you’ll have done something necessary to get a free bet, and who doesn’t like free stuff?