Coral: Bet & Get Club

First Posted: 30th April 2019 | Last Updated: 4th February 2020
Offer details correct at time of writing but may have changed since - always check the terms yourself before claiming. T&Cs apply, 18+. Please For help visit
Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Loyalty is a sometimes overlooked quality. We maintain our friendships because the other person doesn’t talk about us behind our back or steal things from our home. We fiercely defend our football clubs in spite of dreadful results simply because we don’t want to be unloyal…disloyal. There isn’t much our most-loved sports personality can do that would turn us against them, such is the loyalty that they garner from us.

It’s nice when loyalty can be returned to us, though. It’s all well and good us using the same bookmaker over and over again, for example, placing all of our bets through them even if we know another bookie would offer us slightly better odds. But sometimes it’s appreciated when your loyalty is rewarded by your bookmaker of choice, preferably with more than just an email or the occasional free bet. That’s why Coral’s Bet & Get Club appeals to me, because it’s a genuine reward for display of loyalty to the company.

Coral Bet & Get Club

How Does The Bet & Get Club Work?

the idea behind Coral’s Bet & Get Club is actually remarkably simple. All you need to do is place a cumulative total of £25 or more on bets with odds of Evens or greater every week and in return you’ll receive £10 worth of free bets. It really is that easy.

Like all of the best clubs out there, you need to make sure you remember to join the Bet & Get Club. You do this by opting in to the promotion, but you only need to do so once; there’s no need to be repeatedly trying to opt in every time you place your bets. After you’ve opted in you simply need to make sure that you’ve placed £25 worth of bets on Coral’s sportsbook from Monday through to 23.59 on Thursday each week and that the bets are settled in that period too.

If you’re the sort of person that hasn’t yet moved on to betting only then you don’t need to worry; the Bet & Get Club is available to customers that bet in Coral shops too! As long as you’ve got a Coral Connect Card then you’ll still be able to take advantage of the offer. In fact, the £10 in free bets is aimed at encouraging more customers to bet in-store, with £5 of it for online use and the other £5 for use in Coral shops with Coral Connect.

How Do The Free Bets Work?

Whether you’ve made your £25 worth of bets in-store or online, as long as they’ve been placed and settled between Monday and 23.59 on Thursday each week then you’ll be eligible for £10 worth of free bets. You’ll find that the free bets are added to your online account and Coral Connect Card by 6pm each Friday that you’ve qualified for the promotion and the free bets will be valid until 23.59 on the Sunday of the same week.

The initial bets must have odds of Evens (2.0) or greater in order to count towards the wagering requirements and your free bets won’t count. In other words, if you use your £5 free bet token online and then place a further £20 in bets then you won’t qualify for that week’s Bet & Get Club promotion – you’ll need to place £25 worth of bets for that to be case.

What Are The Most Important Terms & Conditions?

Every offer from every bookmaker ever has a load of terms and conditions attached to it. That’s not because they’re trying to pull a fast one, mind, but rather because they need to make sure that they’re protecting themselves and being honest with you. I’d recommend that you give them a good read, but I’ve also gone to the bother of picking out the most interesting ones for you:

  • You can place five £5 bets or one big bet of £25 in order to qualify for the free bets, it’s entirely up to you
  • However you choose to do it, make sure you place all £25 worth of bets via the same method. £10 worth of bets online and £15 worth of bets with your Coral Connect Card won’t count towards the offer
  • All of the bets adding up to £25 need to have odds of Evens (2.0) or greater, including individual selections of multiple bets, and must be placed on sports
  • You’ll continue to be part of the Bet & Get Club unless you decide to opt out. You can miss as many weeks as you want, but you’ll still be a member of the club
  • The free bet stake must be used in full on bets with odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater
  • You don’t need to opt-in if you’re placing bets with your Coral Connect Card, you’re opted in automatically
  • Neither your qualifying bets nor your free bet can be Cashed Out

Are There Any Downsides?

If you like Coral as a company and like to place your bets with them then there aren’t really any downsides to this offer. You’re basically being given free money for doing exactly what you’d have done anyway, which is place bets. Perhaps if you’re desperate to split your bets between your only account and placing them in-store and you have a weekly limit of £25 to your spending then this offer might cause you problems, but that seems a little bit unlikely.

The reality is that this is a good offer that doesn’t require a massive outlay for most regular bettors. In fact, the only reason you might not be interested in it is that it’s a little small fry for people who like to place large wagers. After all, £5 isn’t much if you tend to bet £100s every day or week. Even then, though, this is a free bet that you could place on a wager with large odds and count as a free shot. I really don’t see any downsides.