Unibet: In-Play Free Bet Club

First Posted: 31st October 2017 | Last Updated: 15th February 2021
Offer details correct at time of writing but may have changed since - always check the terms yourself before claiming. T&Cs apply, 18+. Please BeGambleAware.org. For help visit Gamstop.co.uk.

As strange as this might sound to some of you, not everyone has yet adapted their betting habits to take advantage of In-Play markets. Some of the more old school bettors out there are still of the mind that you should place your bet ahead of time and then wait to see how it pans out; after all, that’s exactly what they’ve done for all of their betting lives. Perhaps you recognise yourself in that and are wondering what, if anything, you can do to change your habits.

When I was at university I didn’t like Guinness. I wasn’t really an ale or a bitter drinker and the famous Irish beverage seemed to fit into that category. A friend of mine loved it, though, and he told me that the best way to get into it was to spend a week drinking Guinness and nothing else. I happened to spend a fortnight in Ireland not long after he imparted that advice, so I did exactly that. The hangover was horrendous. That said, I can now drink Guinness without an issue. My point is, you might want to adopt a similar approach to In-Play betting, with Unibet’s latest promotion giving you the ideal chance to do so.

What Is Unibet’s Free Bet Club?

Unibet In Play Free Bet club promo banner

Plenty of bookmakers have a Free Bet Club, though they might call it something different. In essence, it’s a club that you need to opt-in to join and, once you have, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. In this instance that reward is a £10 free bet to be used In-Play, given to members of the Free Bet Club who have placed five bets of £10 or more during the week.

Those five bets of at least £10 need to be placed In-Play and on football, tennis or cricket and have minimum odds of Evens (2.00). You have to place them after 00:01 on Monday and before 23:59 on the Sunday of the same week, with the bets needing to be settled during the same period. Perhaps you can see now why my Guinness story makes sense in this context!

How Does the Free Bet Work?

Provided you have placed your five qualifying bets and seen them settled within the allotted period of time, your account will be credited with a free bet worth £10 by 16:00 of the Monday after the Sunday. They will last for seven days and you won’t get your stake back with any winnings. You also can’t Cash Out any of your qualifying bets to be eligible for this promotion.

The good thing about this offer is that it’s a rolling weekly deal. That means that you can get a free £10 bet every weekend of the year, as long as you place the qualifying bets during the week before. The only issue you’ll need to be aware of is that those qualifying bets must be placed using real cash, so you won’t be able to use a previously awarded free bet for your stake on any qualifying bets.

Is This a Good Offer?

If you’ve not really got around to placing many In-Play bets then this is your chance to do so. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out how the Live Betting system works, with five bets being enough to teach you what you’re doing and a minimum stake of £10 being enough to give your bets a bit of thought.

If you already place a few In-Play bets during the week then this offer is essentially giving you the chance to earn yourself some free money. Given that all you need to do is opt-in to the promotion, those of you that know what you’re doing when it comes to Live Betting would be foolish not to take advantage of the offer. Whether you’re an In-Play pro or a newcomer, there’s no real reason not to get yourself a free bet worth £10 for doing what you’d have done anyway.