Winner: Free Bet on Golf If 2nd or 3rd

First Posted: 3rd November 2017 | Last Updated: 15th February 2021
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

There is probably no sport in the world as easily influenced by the slightest outside factor as golf. So many things go into the perfect swing; from keeping your head down through to making sure you shift your hips correctly, the slightest movement in your head can send the ball careering off in totally the wrong direction. The only positive thing about that information is that the professionals are just as susceptible to issues as we are!

If you’re not sure about that then consider the career of Tiger Woods, once the best male golfer on the planet. A surgical operation later and he had to try to completely re-invent his swing, leaving him miles off the pace and nowhere near the player he once used to be. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t take much for a golfer to slip off their game, even when they’ve been looking like they’re in fine fettle. That’s perhaps why Winner have decided to be generous to those of you that want to place a bet on a golf tournament, as I’ll go on to explain now.

What’s the Offer?

Winner Free Bet on Golf If 2nd or 3rd Promo Banner

If you place a pre-tournament bet on golf competitions that are part of either the European Tour or the PGA Tour and the player you bet on doesn’t win, you might be eligible for a refund of part of your stake.

The bet you’ve placed needs to be on the Outright Winner of the tournament you’re betting on and the player you’ve opted for will have to come second or third in order for you to get some of your money back. The refund will be on the Win part of an Each-Way bet and you’ll need to bet at least £5.

What Are Some of the Key Terms?

You won’t qualify for this offer if you place your bet any earlier than the Monday of the week the tournament is taking place in. You’ll also have to make sure your wager is on the straight Outright Winner market and none of the special bets that Winner might offer. You’ll also receive a maximum of £25 back.

That means that if you place a £50 Each-Way bet on the winner and player you’ve selected finishes second or third then you’ll get £25 back. You’ll also get £25 returned to you if you’ve chosen to bet, say, £45 as a Win single. If your bet is less than £20 then that’s what you’ll get back.

When it comes to deciding upon the ‘official’ players who ended the tournament in second or third, the results will be published on either or, depending on which organisation was in charge of the event you’ve bet on. You can only bet once per tournament, so if you’ve placed several bets on the same event then it will be your first one that will qualify for the promotion.

Should there be a dead heat for third place then the standard dead heat rules will apply, whereby the amount will be split over the amount of players involved. For example, a £20 Win bet on a player that finishes third in a tie with three other golfers will result in a £5 free bet refund. That’s your £20 bet divided by the four players. A second play tied finish will see your stake refunded regardless of how many players are in the tie.

How Does the Free Bet Work?

Your free bet should be credited to your account within 24 hours of the tournament coming to an end. You’ll then have seven days to spend the bonus before it expires and is lost forever. If you placed a bet and didn’t get the bonus fund then do bear in mind your wager won’t be valid if it was made void, cancelled, refunded as part of a money back offer or Cashed Out then it won’t have counted towards the deal.

In terms of what you can spend your money on, it’s all about the golf. That means that the sport you earned the free bet token through is the one you’ll have to spend it on. You won’t get your free bet token back if you bet on a market that is then made void, nor will you get the free bet stake back with any winnings.

How Good Is This Offer?

This is, in my opinion, a really good offer. As I mentioned in my into, golfers can lose their way for any number of reasons. Colin Montgomery once went crazy at a member of the crowd for talking when he was lining up his shot, such is the extent to which the slightest thing can influence their mentality.

Bearing that in mind, there’s no harm in covering your back with an offer that will see you get money back if things go wrong at the last moment. The beauty of this offer, of course, is that it’s not just valid for bets on players that have led but fallen away. You’ll also get your stake back up to £25 if the player you’ve placed your wager on got close to winning but ultimately fell short.