Winner: Mobile Loyalty Free Bets

First Posted: 13th November 2017 | Last Updated: 15th February 2021
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Please note: This promotion has expired and is no longer available

Loyalty is always a worthwhile commodity. Whether you’re talking about the loyalty of a player to play for one club for most of his career, or simply the loyalty of a friend to stay by your side during the tough times, it’s not something that can be taken lightly. It’s an even more important trait when it comes to businesses, though. Customers aren’t always easy to come by, so it’s important to reward the loyalty of those who choose to spend their money with you.

That’s why coffee shops and similar establishments will give customers a free drink when they’ve been in a number of times, or supermarkets have schemes that allow you to build up points for every pound that you spend with them. Bookmakers have a particular thing that they can offer their loyal customers, too – money. More specifically, the chance to win money courtesy of some free bets.

What’s the Offer?

Winner Mobile Loyalty Free Bets promo banner

The joy of this particular offer from Winner is that it combines the chance to earn yourself some free bets for your loyalty with an encouragement to use the company’s mobile betting platform. Mobile betting isn’t necessarily something that everyone has yet come on board with, so this gives you a reason to do it if you haven’t before. If you’re already using mobile betting then it simply confirms why that’s a good idea!

Simply, put, if you place twenty £10 bets on certain sports using your mobile then you’ll receive a free £10 bet as thanks for your loyalty. What’s more, the offer isn’t limited to just one crack at the whip. You can do that twenty times within a calendar month and you’ll get a free £10 bet every time you do, meaning that you can grab up to £200 in free bets every month of the year.

What Are the Sports & How Does the Offer Work?

This offer isn’t available on every single sport that Winner offer odds on, but it does cover the majority of the most popular ones. Which sports are on the list, then? What are the minimum odds you need to reach for your bet to qualify? Can you bet In-Play and have that count towards the deal? I’ve answered these questions in a handy little table for you:

Sport Minimum Odds In-Play Betting Allowed?
Horse Racing Evens (2.0) No
Football Evens (2.0) Yes
Tennis Evens (2.0) Yes
NFL Evens (2.0) Yes
NBA Evens (2.0) Yes
NHL Evens (2.0) Yes
MLB Evens (2.0) Yes
Snooker Evens (2.0) Yes
Darts Evens (2.0) Yes

In terms of how the offer works, you simply need to place your twenty £10 bets within a calendar month, though be sure to check that they’ll also be settled within the allotted time period. Bets don’t roll over, so be certain you’ve placed your twenty and they’ve all either won or lost. The last thing you’ll want to do is place nineteen and miss out on the free bet!

You won’t be able to Cash Out your qualifying bet if you want it to count towards the offer. Similarly, bets won’t be included towards the qualification process if you place them on virtual sports instead of their real life alternative. It’s also worth noting that deposits placed with NeTeller or Moneybookers will mean that you’re ineligible for the offer.

You can, of course, place several bets on an event if you want to. The only problem is that it will just be the first bet on an event that counts towards the promotion. The other bets will go ahead as normal, but they won’t be classed as qualifying bets. This offer is specifically for mobile betting, so make sure you don’t place any of the wagers that you’d like to count towards it on your desktop or laptop computers.

How Does the Free Bet Work?

You’ll get the free bet token as soon as your twentieth bet has been settled. It will then be valid for seven days and can be used on any sports event. Just as with the qualifying bets, you’ll need to make sure that the wager you’re placing with your free bet token has minimum odds of Evens (2.0).

As with the vast majority of free bet token offers, you won’t get your stake back with any winnings that you manage to get. If your bet ends up being on a market that is voided then you won’t get it back. Other than that, though, this is about as good a deal as you could hope for.

Is It Worth It?

Do you do mobile betting already? If not, is something that you fancy having a go of? How many bets do you normally place and what value do those bets have? They’re really the key questions you need to answer when you’re figuring out whether this bet is for you.

If you already use Winner’s mobile betting service, or indeed any other bookmaker’s, then you’ll be used to how it works. If you’re happy enough having a go of it then this is the perfect chance to do just that, with twenty bets being enough to give you a sense of how it works and £10 being a small enough wager to mean that you’re not going to be too out of pocket.

There’s no reason to sniff at something as good as a £10 free bet, yet at the same time it isn’t so generous as to mean that you have to go for this offer no matter what. I’d be wary of trying to qualify for it if you don’t tend to bet many times in a month or tend to go with stakes lower than a fiver. If you bet fairly regularly, however, and often opt for wagers of £10 or more then I think this is a great offer.